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2019 TESOL Award for Distinguished Research

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Manuscripts are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Significance of the issue to the field of language learning and teaching in TESOL
  • Awareness of relevant scholarship related to the issue or problem
  • Clarity with which any theoretical considerations, research questions, or models related to the issue or problem are presented
  • Evidence of appropriate research methods and analysis, regardless of methodological paradigm
  • Persuasiveness of the argument presented and the conclusions drawn
  • Clarity of the writing

Online Submission Process

Papers may be nominated or self-nominated. To complete the online submission process, you will need the following information. You are strongly encouraged to gather this information before you begin the application. That way, you can fill out the application completely, and you will not have to go back and fill in items later.

  • Biographical statement for author of paper (50 words)
  • Author's full name and email address (primary author if more than one author)
  • PDF of empirical research study

Application Deadline

Completed online applications must be submitted by 1 November.