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2020 Mary Finocchiaro Award for Excellence in Nonpublished Pedagogical Materials

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Pedagogical materials must be original, innovative, directly applicable to ESL/EFL teaching, and appropriate for the teaching context within which they have been implemented. Materials specific to English language learning can consist of written texts, oral passages, or multimedia applications. All submissions must contain implementation guides, such as directions or lesson plans. Additionally, the submission must contain a description of and rationale for the design and use of the materials.
The work is evaluated for

Pedagogical innovation

  • Similar materials are not already popularly used
  • Materials represent something new and unique in the field of ESL/EFL teaching
  • Materials represent a practical application of current research about language features or teaching methodology

Relevance to the classroom context

  • Rationale incorporates a clear indication of language level and target population
  • Materials are based on needs analysis of the described population
  • Materials are appropriate for the described population

Clarity and successful use

  • Writing in the materials is clear and stylistically appropriate
  • Directions in the materials (for teachers and/or learners) are clear
  • Materials have been “road-tested” -used at least one cycle (unit, semester, term, etc.)
  • Materials have been edited or improved based on teacher reflection and student feedback

To Apply

To complete the application process, you will need the following information:

  • an anonymous copy of the material (no more than 50 sample pages)
    • include links to any online materials or materials posted online (access to Dropbox files or other file-sharing services)
    • include examples of anonymous student work as appropriate
    • include clear implementation guide and any teacher notes (sample lesson plans, course overview, etc.)
    • include plan for assessment
  • an anonymous statement (1000 words) including
    • the rationale or theoretical basis
    • the target population and language level
    • reflection on previous use of materials in classroom and how student feedback/reflective practice informed any changes
  • eligibility checklist affirming that your materials have not yet been submitted for publication or that your materials are not currently under consideration for publication

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted online by 1 October.