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2020 Ron Chang Lee Award for Excellence in Classroom Technology

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Who’s Eligible?

Any TESOL member in good standing.


This award was created in 2018, and sponsored by Ron Chang Lee, to honor 3 TESOL members who have achieved excellence through the implementation of technology in teaching ESL/EFL.


1st place: $1000, 2nd place: $750, 3rd place: $500

Evaluation Criteria

Submit a lesson using original, innovative CALL pedagogical materials directly applicable to ESL/EFL teaching and appropriate for the teaching context within which they have been implemented.

Submissions specific to English Language learning should demonstrate CALL technology in teaching; such as lessons using computers, software, websites, classroom tools, mobile devices, apps, digital resources, augmented reality or online games. All submissions must contain implementation guides (directions or lesson plan), and demonstrate principles of language pedagogy or methodology. The technology lesson must have been used in teaching within 2 years of the award application. The work will be evaluated for:

Pedagogical innovation:

  • Lesson features the latest in CALL technology or an innovative use of existing technology
  • Materials or techniques are engaging and unique in the field of ESL/EFL teaching
  • Lesson represents a practical application of current language learning research or teaching methodology


Classroom Context:

Directions include a clear indication of language level and target population


Clarity and successful use:

  • The directions/lesson plan are clear for teachers and learners
  • The technology lesson has been used in the classroom (include dates) at least one cycle (unit, semester, term, etc.) within two years of award application.
  • Lesson materials have been edited or improved based on teacher reflection of expected and actual results.

Download the Evaluation Rubric